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Latest Articles

Aspen Stevanoski can be a Canid Researcher, Wilderness guide, and Wildlife Photographer

Ever want to see a bear or wolf up close in the wild? You can go on one of Aspen Stevanovski’s wildlife tours and see for yourself. 

Jo Ann Aita can be a World Champion Powerlifter, Mom, Coach and Gym Co-Owner

Jo Ann Aita has lived a heavy metal life, starting her career booking punk and metal bands and later becoming a world champion powerlifter and coach. 

KC Williams can be a Teacher, Diver, and Writer

Before KC Williams became a science teacher, she traveled the world as a diving instructor. Now she combines her love for teaching and the ocean — and even takes her students across the world with her. 

Theresa De Priest can be an Entrepreneur, Aspiring Author, and World Traveler

Theresa De Priest believes we are more than just our careers and our pasts.  Coming from a lineage of Harvard graduates and doctors, there was a lot of pressure for Theresa to fill these shoes.

Heather Bellegia can be a Certified Nursing Assistant and Model

When Heather Bellegia was about 6 years old, she wrote in her diary that she wanted to become a nurse someday.  As she got older, she started considering other paths like becoming a veterinarian or a flight attendant — careers that involve helping others. But nursing was always at the forefront of her aspirations.