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Melissa Deschenes can be a Drama Instructor, Actress and Mother

As an actress, acting instructor and mother to a rising star, Melissa Deschenes literally lives a life filled with drama.

Katherine “Kae” McSpadden can be a Digital Artist and a Voiceover Actress

Born in Luxembourg, freelance digital artist and voiceover actress Katherine “Kae” McSpadden moved to the U.S. at the age of 9 and grew up...

Lauren Alvarez can be a Shelf Edge Specialist and an Aspiring Actress

By night, Lauren Alvarez works as a shelf edge specialist at HEB, a Texas-based supermarket chain, as she pursues her dream of acting by day.

Jessie Kane Gill can be a Writer, Actress, Voiceover Artist, Graphic Designer and Producer

Jessie Kane Gill is a “multi-hyphenated millen-Z creative wizard,” as stated on her website. She is an accomplished voiceover artist, writer, actor, graphic designer and producer currently based out of Los Angeles.

Cara Rose DiPietro can be an Actress, Singer, Dancer and Content Creator

As a kid who fell in love with musical theater, Cara Rose DiPietro watched the Tony Awards every year. Little did she know she...