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Janet Prado can be a Holistic Coach and an Administrative Assistant

After suffering from a doctor-stated incurable chronic illness for 20 years, Janet Prado found a way to cure herself through holistic medicine focused on food, which inspired her to become a certified holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Mission. 

Isabella Xtravaganza can be a Dancer and a Movement Coach

Isabella Xtravaganza has been dancing since she was 4. Since then, she has danced for about everyone you can think of. She appeared in...

Jakira Kellogg can be a Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Educator and Writer

At the young age of 26, Jakira Kellogg has acquired a Master's degree in School Counseling, a Bachelor’s in Behavioral Science and is currently enrolled in Coaching Training Alliance classes to become a Certified Life Coach. In addition, Jakira has founded her own tutoring company, called Just Accommodating Kids (JAK), with the purpose of applying her own teaching methodology to her work as she partners with the parents of pre-school and kindergarten students to guide them through this incredibly important period in their personal development. Jakira also aspires to continue cultivating one of her greatest personal passions — writing — and turn it into a professional endeavor. 

Giesa Español can be a Nurse and a Nurse Coaching Entrepreneur

Giesa Español’s nursing career has taken her from Hollywood, Florida to Hollywood, California and even as far as Rome.

Giesa currently works as a registered nurse in Florida, treating adult patients on the medical-surgical floor as well as COVID-19 patients. 

Sarah Pretorius can be a Poet, Marketing Manager and Advocate and Coach for Sober Conscious Lifestyles

Sarah Pretorius works a day job as a marketing manager for a wellbeing startup, but since 2017, she has also allowed her creative side to blossom by sharing her poetry with the world.

Sadaf Sara can be a Corporate Worker, Life Coach, Author and Podcaster

At the age of 18, Sadaf Sara started working hard and attended college for a short period of time. Her interest in banking began shortly after attending community college and she slowly started climbing the corporate ladder. During that period of time, she had a dream of success. She got married at 21, had their first child at 22 and a year after that, she had her second child. At 25, she became a homeowner and purchased her second home at 28.