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Content Creators


Princess Poki can be a Game Streamer and a Fashionista

Despite working a full-time job as a sales lead at Fabletics, Princess Poki is an accomplished and enthusiastic game streamer and content creator. Princess Poki has played video games as far back as she can remember.

Lee Lynch can be a Therapist, Social Worker, Content Creator and Mom

Lee Lynch is a therapist by day and a TikTok video creator by night, advocating for diversity in literature. On top of this, she is a mother of two.

Tamara Ewing can be an Organic Chemistry Lab Manager, Content Creator, Artist and Small Business Owner

Tamara Ewing’s passion for chemistry has been a driving force in her career in the laboratory and on social media.

Kelly Scott can be a Professional Chef, Culinary Instructor and Content Creator

Professional chef Kelly Scott was one of only four women in her graduating class at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa County, California. 

Dr. Amanda Hoffmeister can be a Pediatric Dentist, Educator, Content Creator and Sustainable Dentistry Advocate

Dr. Amanda Hoffmeister is not only a dentist — she also has a passion for promoting eco-friendly dentistry and educating people online.

Cate Larsen can be a Geologist, Geology Communicator and Podcast Host

There is not one singular way to work as a geologist, and Cate Larsen is proof of this. 

Cate is a geologist living in upstate New York who primarily works on social media as a science communicator, educating the public about geology.