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Amber Ryann can be an Independent Musician, Producer and Founder of Underrated Artist Season

I’ve been playing music all my life and within the past five years I started my journey as “Amber Ryann,” as this independent, alternative pop artist. 

Samantha Gordon can be a Mom and Creative Entrepreneur

Just a few years ago, Samantha Gordon made the decision to ditch her nine-to-five job and become her own boss. 

Tamara Ewing can be an Organic Chemistry Lab Manager, Content Creator, Artist and Small Business Owner

Tamara Ewing’s passion for chemistry has been a driving force in her career in the laboratory and on social media.

Nicole McCance can be a Psychologist, Clinic Owner, Mom and Business Mentor for Therapists

Nicole McCance built a million-dollar company, not once, but twice, all while being a mom of twin boys. 

Nicole is a licensed psychologist living in Toronto, Canada. She practiced therapy for nearly 15 years, working with couples as well as people going through traumatic events.

Jess Wicks can be a High School Teacher, Vegan Blogger and Small Business Co-owner

During the week, Jess Wicks is a high school teacher, and on weekends, she spends her time creating recipes and content for her Instagram page and her small business, Sourced Sustainability. 

Dr. Christine Thuy Huong can be a Nurse Practitioner, Professor, Mother, Retired Pop Singer and Creator of a Women’s Wellness Platform

Before Dr. Christine Thuy Huong Vu became a professor and ER nurse, she traveled the world singing pop songs.