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Theresa De Priest can be an Entrepreneur, Aspiring Author, and World Traveler

Theresa De Priest believes we are more than just our careers and our pasts.  Coming from a lineage of Harvard graduates and doctors, there was a lot of pressure for Theresa to fill these shoes.

Monique Autumn Carter can be a Student, Entrepreneur, Youth Leader and DJ

Monique Autumn Carter launched her very own clothing brand when she was only a high schooler. Since she was 16, Monique knew she wanted to grow a brand with a message close to her heart. That is what she’s done with Canji, which first launched in April of 2020.

Fenny Kokenge can be the Owner of Fenny’s Flowers, a Hospital Volunteer and a Mom

Over the past six years, Fenny Kokenge has turned her creative hobby into her own business.

Fenny is originally from Holland and immigrated to the U. S. with her family during middle school. Navigating the cultural and language barriers was a challenge for her growing up, but this did not stop her from creating her own success.

Kenya Spears can be an Entrepreneur, Content and Community Engagement Specialist and Owner of Kloset by Kenya

Hey! I’m Kenya Spears, a creative born and raised in Portland, Oregon. After attending the University of Oregon for a couple of years, I then attended Southern University and A&M College, a HBCU [historically Black college/university] in Louisiana. Throughout my higher education, I discovered my true passion is relationship and community building, specifically for Black and underrepresented women. 

Amber Ryann can be an Independent Musician, Producer and Founder of Underrated Artist Season

I’ve been playing music all my life and within the past five years I started my journey as “Amber Ryann,” as this independent, alternative pop artist. 

Samantha Gordon can be a Mom and Creative Entrepreneur

Just a few years ago, Samantha Gordon made the decision to ditch her nine-to-five job and become her own boss.