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Nicole McCance can be a Psychologist, Clinic Owner, Mom and Business Mentor for Therapists

Nicole McCance built a million-dollar company, not once, but twice, all while being a mom of twin boys. 

Nicole is a licensed psychologist living in Toronto, Canada. She practiced therapy for nearly 15 years, working with couples as well as people going through traumatic events.

Dr. Christine Thuy Huong can be a Nurse Practitioner, Professor, Mother, Retired Pop Singer and Creator of a Women’s Wellness Platform

Before Dr. Christine Thuy Huong Vu became a professor and ER nurse, she traveled the world singing pop songs. 

Dr. Bianca Velayo can be a Dentist, Mentor, Mother, Entrepreneur and Content Creator

Dr. Bianca Velayo has established herself in the dental industry as not only a dentist and practice owner, but also as a mentor and content creator.

Originally from Long Island, NY, Bianca is a first-generation Filipino-American who has had a passion for healthcare since her teenage years. She became a doctor at the young age of 25 after graduating from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

Dasha Agoulnik can be a Registered Dietitian and CEO of CorePerform

If you want to learn about the reasoning behind different diets, you might want to ask Dasha Agoulnik, who has spent years researching the...

Kasey Jo Orvidas can be a Psychologist and a Fitness Coach

Kasey Jo Orvidas has a PhD in psychology and used it to create a highly successful business for herself as a health and fitness...

Elizabeth Ibarra can be a DNP, Mentor and Minority Advocate

Dr. Elizabeth Ibarra, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), set her eyes on a goal early on in her life: to open her own clinic.

Now, in the LA area, Elizabeth is realizing that dream. From when she began as a certified nursing assistant at 16 to graduating with her doctorate last year, she credits her determination as the reason she is now reaching her goal.