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Heather Bellegia can be a Certified Nursing Assistant and Model

When Heather Bellegia was about 6 years old, she wrote in her diary that she wanted to become a nurse someday.  As she got older, she started considering other paths like becoming a veterinarian or a flight attendant — careers that involve helping others. But nursing was always at the forefront of her aspirations.

Juliann Oliveri can be a Nurse, Model and Future Family Nurse Practitioner

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada by an incredible single mom. Growing up, I knew I wanted a career in healthcare to help people. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, achieving a 4.0 GPA and I am currently obtaining my Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner hoping to specialize in women's health.

Raquél Pérez can be a Nurse, Model and Singer

Having a career in healthcare does not mean you cannot tap into your artistic, creative side. This is especially true for Raquél Pérez.

Raquél is a registered nurse (RN) who worked in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for over a year before starting her current role as chief nursing officer for Gales, a company that makes shoes specifically for nurses. 

Lillian Joy Hathaway can be a Physician Assistant, Photographer, Writer, Model and Mental Health Advocate

Lillian Hathaway, a physician assistant (PA) in Los Angeles, has established herself in the competitive field of medicine while still staying true to her artistic roots. 

L.T. Phoenix can be a Poet, Model, Mental Health Advocate and Counselor

Hello. I’m L.T. Phoenix. I’m a poet/writer on various social media platforms.  A friend of mine inspired me to open an Instagram account in late 2018 in order to share my poems and writings with others, and so here we are.  I’ve always written from an early age and never really stopped doing so. You can say writing has always been an outlet for me and one of the many ways I express myself.  I also enjoy music, traveling, acting and modeling.  I also have a degree in clinical mental health counseling and have gained incredible experience throughout the years. Overall, one day I hope to become a published author.  

Joslyn Gebby can be a Nurse, Model and Mother

Joslyn Gebby is a full-time registered nurse and part-time model from Ohio, currently living in Florida. She originally wanted to be a physical therapy assistant but later changed her mind and considered nursing because she did not want to feel stuck in one specialty.