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Jo Ann Aita can be a World Champion Powerlifter, Mom, Coach and Gym Co-Owner

Jo Ann Aita has lived a heavy metal life, starting her career booking punk and metal bands and later becoming a world champion powerlifter and coach. 

Dr. Alka Tripathy-lang can be a Geologist, Science Writer, and a Mom

Trained with a PhD in geology, Dr. Alka Tripathy-Lang has transitioned from academia to the world of science news writing and has no regrets.

Alka earned her Master’s degree in Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin in 2006 and went on to pursue her PhD at the Arizona State University.

Ellaine Celestino can be a Nurse Practitioner, Content Creator, Financial Educator and Mom

Ellaine Celestino is a nurse practitioner who not only helps her patients — she also helps other healthcare workers learn to make their money work for them. 

Seeing her parents work in the healthcare field, Ellaine knew she wanted a career in healthcare from a young age.

Ricki Weisberg can be a Mom, Nonprofit Publicist and CEO of Birdhill PR

If you are on TikTok, you may have seen the hilarious video of a boy named Abe telling his mom what a “terrible sandwich” she packed for his lunch.

Fenny Kokenge can be the Owner of Fenny’s Flowers, a Hospital Volunteer and a Mom

Over the past six years, Fenny Kokenge has turned her creative hobby into her own business.

Fenny is originally from Holland and immigrated to the U. S. with her family during middle school. Navigating the cultural and language barriers was a challenge for her growing up, but this did not stop her from creating her own success.

Dr. Wendy Bohon can be a Geologist, Science Communicator, Ambassador for Women Scientists and Mom

Dr. Wendy Bohon was working as a professional actress, until an earthquake altered the course of her life. Wendy earned a bachelor’s degree in theater and was living in Los Angeles after college. In 1999, she felt the famous Hector Mine earthquake, which occurred in the California desert but was widely felt across Southern California.