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Winifred Tan can be a Financial Consultant, Musician, Teacher, Recording Studio manager, and Yoga Practitioner

When Winifred “Wini” Tan is not helping clients as a financial consultant, she is rocking out on the drums.

Kim Kylland can be a Television Producer, Songwriter and Vocalist

Kim Kylland has been playing and writing music for most of her life. Little did she know, her songs would be featured on a television show she helped to create. 

Lindsay Nikole can be Zoologist, Content Creator and Musician

When I was in high school, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a big cat sanctuary in South Africa for my senior year project. I had not been interested in zoology before then, and I was planning on going to college for criminology. After that volunteer trip, my whole world changed. I realized that I had a really big passion for taking care of animals but also wanted to go into a field where I could rescue big cats from the illegal wildlife trade. 

Lily Massie can be a Self-Made Musician, Singer/Songwriter and Social Media Manager

When Lily Massie was 18, she moved from her small town in New Jersey to chase her dreams in Los Angeles. Now, she is going on a U.S. tour this fall. 

Amber Ryann can be an Independent Musician, Producer and Founder of Underrated Artist Season

I’ve been playing music all my life and within the past five years I started my journey as “Amber Ryann,” as this independent, alternative pop artist. 

Raquél Pérez can be a Nurse, Model and Singer

Having a career in healthcare does not mean you cannot tap into your artistic, creative side. This is especially true for Raquél Pérez.

Raquél is a registered nurse (RN) who worked in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for over a year before starting her current role as chief nursing officer for Gales, a company that makes shoes specifically for nurses.