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Lee Lynch can be a Therapist, Social Worker, Content Creator and Mom

Lee Lynch is a therapist by day and a TikTok video creator by night, advocating for diversity in literature. On top of this, she is a mother of two.

Tia Rodriguez can be a Mom and a Clinical Counseling Graduate Student

Tia Rodriguez is a coffee-lovin’, "Gilmore Girls" watchin’ mother of three who is also a graduate student working towards a master's degree in clinical counseling with the ultimate goal of becoming a mental health counselor. 

Tia began her college career studying psychology because she wanted to help people who struggle with mental health issues. 

L.T. Phoenix can be a Poet, Model, Mental Health Advocate and Counselor

Hello. I’m L.T. Phoenix. I’m a poet/writer on various social media platforms.  A friend of mine inspired me to open an Instagram account in late 2018 in order to share my poems and writings with others, and so here we are.  I’ve always written from an early age and never really stopped doing so. You can say writing has always been an outlet for me and one of the many ways I express myself.  I also enjoy music, traveling, acting and modeling.  I also have a degree in clinical mental health counseling and have gained incredible experience throughout the years. Overall, one day I hope to become a published author.  

Annalie Howling can be an Elite Performance Coach, Trauma Specialist and Mother

Annalie Howling is a successful performance coach and trauma therapist, thriving in her own practice and accumulating an impressive social media following with 118,000 followers on Instagram.