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TV personalities/contributors


Kim Kylland can be a Television Producer, Songwriter and Vocalist

Kim Kylland has been playing and writing music for most of her life. Little did she know, her songs would be featured on a television show she helped to create. 

Alice Lee Benjamin can be an APRN and a TV Medical Contributor

Nurse Alice Lee Benjamin, — also known as America’s Favorite Nurse — is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) and a medical contributor for television. Alice is also a clinical nurse specialist, family nurse practitioner, chief nursing officer for and host of the Ask Nurse Alice Podcast.

Liz Hernandez can be an Entrepreneur and a TV Personality

My name is Liz Hernandez. I am the creator of Wordaful, which is a popular video series and live events that centers [around] women and the power of our storytelling. It’s really honing in on retelling our stories in a powerful way.