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Nicole McCance can be a Psychologist, Clinic Owner, Mom and Business Mentor for Therapists

Photos courtesy of Nicole McCance

Nicole McCance built a million-dollar company, not once, but twice, all while being a mom of twin boys. 

Nicole is a licensed psychologist living in Toronto, Canada. She practiced therapy for nearly 15 years, working with couples as well as people going through traumatic events.

Nicole has been fascinated with psychology her whole life, curious about why people do the things they do. 

“I was a huge believer in therapy, and I wanted to be the catalyst for change for people,” Nicole says.

For Nicole, the most rewarding part of being a therapist is “being a part of someone’s narrative where they get to change their lives.”

Nicole became successful as a therapist, reaching $1 million in revenue in 2015 and accumulating a massive waitlist. She could not take on this clientbase all on her own, so she decided to hire other therapists to work with her clients.

In just three years, Nicole built her own 24-room clinic of 55 therapists, a feat that is unheard of in the therapy community. She took on a more supervisorial role, managing the other therapists in the clinic. 

Nicole is also a mom of twin boys, and she started her group clinic when they were only 2. She sold the clinic earlier this year for seven figures, a huge accomplishment of which she is very proud.

“There is not too much in a lifetime where you can automate your practice so much and systemize it that you can literally give it to someone and say, ‘It runs on its own,’” Nicole says.

Selling her clinic was the right choice for Nicole, as it allowed her more time with her family.

“I did it for them,” she says. “I wanted more balance.”

At the beginning of this year, Nicole started her own company called The McCance Method. She saw a hole in her profession because no one was helping therapists with the business aspect of being a therapist. She wanted to be the one to bridge this gap.

Many therapists like Nicole find themselves burnt out with huge caseloads. Nicole wants to help these therapists build their own practices just like she did so they have more balance in their lives.

She provides a Clinic Growth Map, which is a six-month business coaching and mentorship program, walking therapists through the process of starting their own clinic. 

“Rather than seeing too many clients and overwhelming yourself, you can hire other therapists around you who also want jobs,” she says. 

Photo courtesy of Nicole McCance

The positive results of her clients inspires Nicole and keeps her going. With her coaching business, she can see tangible results, including how many therapists people hire, how much the therapists’ incomes have increased and how they have a better work-life balance.

“I can see that people’s lives are changing,” she says. “That’s the most inspiring thing.”

With all of her accolades, Nicole is also grateful for her husband’s support behind the scenes.

As an ambitious woman, Nicole tends to work too much, and this can become an obstacle.

“I’m in love with what I do, so as a result I can work too much,” Nicole says. “I find I can easily fall into the trap of nonstop work.”

Nicole has worked hard to create a balance between her career and her family life. 

“I’m proud of being off at 3 p.m. everyday because, in the end, the money doesn’t matter,” Nicole says. “Are you living life, like truly living? I feel like I work hard to do that.”

Nicole focuses on being a role model for her two boys, who are now 6.

“[Motherhood] is a love that just makes my whole being want to burst,” she says. “It’s fun. This morning we made a fort in the basement. They help me stay young.”

Nicole will continue on her mission to create more clinic owners and more group practices. 

“The more therapists we have, the more people we help, and the world is just a better place when everyone’s in therapy,” she says.

She is on her way to building a million-dollar company a third time, hoping to reach the $1 million revenue mark for her coaching business in the next six months. 

The more therapists we have, the more people we help, and the world is just a better place when everyone’s in therapy.

Nicole McCance

In 2023, she hopes to start a podcast for therapists about how to create your own group practice. 

Her advice for other ambitious, multifaceted women is to “be clear with where you want to be a year from now, revenue-wise, lifestyle-wise. Think about what you have to do every single month and every week to get there.” 

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